8th Weissenborn and Slide Workshop 04.09.2020 – 06.09.202


We are happy to announce that the „8th Ruegheimer Weissenborn – and Slide – Workshop“ will take place between the 04.sept – 06. sept. 2020



Our docents for the different player levels will be:
advanced/beginners: Peter Funk (Germany)


advanced/beginners: Fernando Perez (Spain) Guitar & World Music Traditions www.fernandoperezguitar.com

As a professional luthier being specialized on weissenborn guitars i would like to offer you a nice weekend in a very relaxed atmosphere with nice docents to improve your skills as players. And to be able to interchange information with other „aficionados“ of the slide guitar.

As far as we know we offer the only workshop specially dedicated to the weissenborn style instruments.

Our docents are well known players and teachers who are able to improve your technical skills and your musical performance.

Even with no or only little knowledge of how to play this outstanding instrument, this course is perfect for beginners as well. No fear of participating! Because we start exactly where you want us to start.

You will have group lessons with both docents. Out maximum class limit is set up to only 6-7 persons. So the contact to the teacher is very close and intensive. We have 5-6 hours of lessons on saturday and another 3 hours on sunday.

Here are some informations:

Place: Schuettbau Ruegheim: www.schuettbau.de
The Schuettbau is a great place where the participants can have their own rooms and there are many rooms for practicing and lectures.
The first 12 registrations will be accommodated in the Schüttbau itself. The others will be accommodated in hotels and holiday apartments nearby.
There is no shuttle service to the Schüttbau but all participants can be brought from their apartments and hotels to the Schüttbau and back.
If you want to travel via train, than the nearest train station will be Hassfurt (Unterfranken). We can search for you at the train station and bring you to the Schüttbau or your hotel.
The meals will be served in the nearby Landhotel (http://www.landhotel-ruegheim.de)

Workshop date: 07. – 09. September 2018

Price:    330 Euros for the whole weekend including bedroom, all the meals (breakfast, lunch and diner),  fees for the workshop participants, and concert with the docents on Saturday night.

Price: 200 Euros for the workshop without accommodation and without meals.

Price: 150 Euros for people who want to participate without having classes with our docents. Included are all meals and accommodation and the concert on saturday evening

Fee for borrowing a weissenborn-style instrument for the workshop time: 50 Euros  as beginner or owner of a dobro you might be interested in borrowing one of my weissenborn – style instruments for the 2 days of the workshop. We recommend for beginners to participate first at the workshop and then to buy a decent instrument. Participants coming from far away (airplane) might be interested in borrowing an instrument too.

Organizer: Michael Goetz, mg-guitars, see: www.mg-guitars.eu, professional luthier

The weekend is a non profit event ! Which means that I am organizing the event as a private event. The fees are only for covering the Schüttbau fees, the meals and the travelling costs for our 3 docents.

concert:   our docents Fernando Perez and Peter Funk will play a concert on Saturday evening. The concert is free for all participants.